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the sky was so pretty tonight

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internet explorer & the sky

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stay strong! it hurts but you can do it!! you are strong!

i love you xo

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“There is something living in my belly,” I tell her. She looks at me in Horror.
“Oh my god,” she says, “Are you pregnant?”

I think before I answer her question. Yes, I think-
“No,” I say.

I have something living in my belly. It eats all of my happiness, it Devours my smiles.
It feels like a stone, settling and rattling
In my chest and wrapping its tiny fingers around my heart.

“You’re just depressed,” my mother says, “We need to get you involved in more things!”
As if this thing in my belly, this living thing
Will leave if I do volunteer work or join a youth group or a club at

There is no way for me to get it out. It has
Made my stomach into its den, its lair that
I cannot enter. The doors are barred and the windows hold
Signs that read, “You are just depressed.”

It is a child that is made out of broken glass and
Rocks coated in layers of slime and salty water, a creature
That was put inside of me by myself.

I fear to think of what will happen
When I give birth to my depression.

—Will it hurt?


Fear of Flowers Part 1


Sun and Moon

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hs could stand for homestuck or highschool, however, both are equally terrifying

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Here’s my latest drawing, "Natural Girl" - I’ve had this idea for a while and I’m happy to have finally drawn it. I just wanted to make the point that body hair is as natural as the hair on our heads, and although it’s okay to find body hair unattractive, it is NOT okay to shame or shun people, or respond publicly with “eww” just because somebody doesn’t shave. I have so many strong feelings about this! I feel angry that it’s such a big deal when women don’t shave and that women are called unattractive, disgusting, etc when they have hairy underarms just because most of western society has been conditioned to believe that women are gross unless they’re as hairless as a prepubescent child. I don’t think hairy people are superior to people who shave, because shaving makes a lot of people feel better about their appearance and feeling good about yourself is so important, I just think people of all genders should have the right to leave their bodies in their natural state without being embarrassed or called out by thoughtless, unkind people. IT’S JUST HAIR.

Drawn with agreement from original photo titled ‘Charlie Barker’ by Ben Hopper from his project “Natural Beauty”.


i love usui’s colour theme so much ahh

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For us and others like us, the moment of taking off the footwear is a relief and a joy, and in summer, with the barefoot hours extended into days, our personalities change. Barefoot, we’re almost always at peace. We’re gentle and tolerant with our fellow man. Stress and anxiety evaporate and grief itself seems bearable as long as our feet are free.

For some of us, the soul is resident in the sole, and yearns ceaselessly for light and air and self-expression. Our feet are our very selves. The touch of floor or carpet, grass or mud or asphalt, speaks to us loud and clear from the foot, that scorned and lowly organ as dear to us as our eyes and ears.

—Bare Feet by Barbara Holland, from Endangered Pleasures