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What are words, really?

Small black letters
that make sense to some
and don’t to others.

What do words do, really?

Convey a meaning that
some people understand and
others don’t.

Are words the way they are
arranged, or
are words the meaning put behind them?


i doodled on some pics i took last summer

i love plants !

fuckvvit said: how is that sexism though

??? i never said it was sexism :o I tagged it as “cissexism” if that’s what you mean? bc the guy was assuming that all girls have boobs

there was this kid in my math class in 8th grade that thought that girls’ ribs were shaped different than boys and that’s why girls have boobs. like, how??



"One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us." The vocaloid fans chant at Lady Gaga. There is no escape. Miku’s plan has fully commenced.

She will truly make everyone do the Miku-Miku.